KFC tells Chinese diners to inspect kitchens

A fast food company has sent a message to customers in China who are worried about eating at the chain restaurant after a safety scare.

KFC has told them that they are (more…)

Keeping your kitchen on trend

Everyone knows that time and tide wait for no man, but you can definitely also add fashion to that list.

Trying to keep up to date with what’s hot and what’s not has (more…)

Town Kitchen launches youth campaign

A new American scheme is aiming to entice young people into the kitchen for a brighter future.

Two of the biggest kitchen trends right now are (more…)

Give your kitchen the royal treatment

With the recent news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have ordered two luxury kitchens to be built in the family’s Kensington Palace pad, you might be forgiven for feeling just a little inadequate when you step into your own kitchen to make your morning tea.

With that in mind, here are some of our (more…)

Separate gratuity options divide restaurant staff

Allowing customers to make separate gratuity payments for kitchen and waiting staff has many restaurant workers at odds.

LA-based restaurant Alimento has recently implemented (more…)

The history of the Aga

A range cooker, heater, and status symbol all in one, the Aga is one of the most iconic kitchen luxuries in the world.

Its story, however, is almost as colourful as the spectrum the cookers themselves come in, and (more…)

Temporary kitchens teach kids about loving veggies

Mobile cooking facilities are increasingly being used to help children learn more about food and appreciate the benefits of healthy natural produce.

A lot of schools have their own gardens, where they (more…)

Building the perfect kitchen

It’s a well-known fact that the kitchen is the heart of the home. We cook in them, eat in them, talk about how our days have been in them, so getting the kitchen looking and feeling right is the key to a happy, inviting home.

Here are our thoughts on what are (more…)

New Year, New Kitchen

Your kitchen has been working overtime throughout the whole festive period, and just like you, it deserves a bit of January pampering.

Whilst there are many resolutions that you probably won’t keep in the New Year, revamping your kitchen is (more…)

Hiring a chef to cater dinner parties is latest trend

Some view that is no longer enough to hire luxury kitchen designers in Cheshire or London, with homeowners who really want to impress dinner party guests now also forking out for a trained chef to cook the meal.

The latest dining trend to sweep the country is (more…)

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