The popularity of the private dining room

A new dining trend is taking place behind closed doors in many restaurants across Britain.

Although the trend for casual dining, where everyone gets together at communal tables to (more…)

Kitchens of the future

Do you remember when you got your first microwave and you thought the future had really arrived? Well, imagine owning a ‘food printer’, a herd of flying, cleaning robots, and your own kitchen beehive.

Sound unbelievable? It may be slightly closer than (more…)

Money served up on a plate for West Sussex club

An organisation for elderly people in Pulborough is set to receive a substantial grant, which will enable it to upgrade its existing kitchen facilities.

West Sussex County Council has pledged (more…)

Four ideas for the floor

With people spending so much time planning their kitchen’s layout and appliances, it can sometimes be easy to forget to take a look downwards and consider the flooring.

However, getting the floors of your kitchen just right is (more…)

Three modern oven innovations to make cooking simple

In the same way that the big-tape Walkman of the 1980s quickly transformed into the sleek iPod of the 2000s, oven technology is changing all the time. Whilst it’s easy to think that all ovens are created equal, spending a bit of extra time and money choosing the right one can be a wise investment.

This is particularly the case if you are someone that loves to (more…)

Charities could be fined for flouting allergen rules

Soup kitchens from Cheshire to London that do not display information about potential allergens in their food could be fined up to £5,000.

The penalties, which would also affect institutions like the Women’s Institute and charity cafes, could be (more…)

How to maintain a clean kitchen

Once you’ve built your dream kitchen, stopping it from turning into a crumb-filled nightmare can seem like a daunting task. Even with minimal time, however, keeping your kitchen clean is important.

Coming downstairs every morning to a spotless sink and floors with no flaws can be (more…)

People found to be trekking for miles through their kitchens

A study has found that the average person walks over 50 miles around their kitchen space every year.

The research revealed that the average Briton walked (more…)

Everything about the kitchen sink

It seems reasonable to suggest that not many people truly enjoy washing up, but it is an essential activity every day, which means that we inevitably spend a lot of time at our kitchen sinks.

Although not often a priority when designing the room, the humble sink is hugely (more…)

How to solve your kitchen storage issues

Trying to persuade all of your pots and pans to fit back into a cupboard that clearly isn’t big enough is a well-known pastime for all kitchen owners. As such, finding enough storage space in the kitchen can be a real headache.

Short of knocking walls down, the only real answer is to get better at using (more…)

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