Ten-pence food deals prove overwhelming

The kitchen of a student bar in Lincoln, which was offering food for just a few pennies, has been so overwhelmed that it is having to revise the deal.

Customers at the Tower Bar have been enjoying cooked meals for as little as (more…)

Everything you didn’t know about the tin can

Sitting on shelves in every kitchen in the country, it’s easy to take the humble tin can for granted. However, the story of how the can was invented is a little more interesting that you might think.

In 1810, Britain and France were in the (more…)

Bright colours to dominate cooking spaces in 2015

The future of kitchen décor is set to get a lot brighter, if the appliances at the annual International Home and Housewares Show are anything to go by.

All of the latest culinary trends were covered at the show, which was (more…)

UK restaurants to see influx of ‘cute’ dishes

Kawaii cooking is one of the biggest trends set to sweep the kitchens of Chester and London.

This culinary style is inspired by the Japanese kawaii fashion, which (more…)

Has the door closed on open-plan living?

It seems like a contradiction, but during the 2000s you couldn’t move for open-plan kitchen-diners. Seen as the perfect way of reinvigorating an old property, open-plan living was the design equivalent of social networking – unlimited, non-stop connection to the people around us.

Recently though, the tide seems to (more…)

Man sets up own kitchen in airport lounge

Wu Jiayong has become an Internet sensation after he made the decision to set up his own mini-kitchen in a Hong Kong International Airport lounge.

After missing his flight home, Mr Wu was left with no money to buy himself a meal, at which point (more…)

Derbyshire disability facility to get new kitchen

The Enabled Centre, which teaches disabled people how to live independent lives in Derby, is set to install a new cooking space to help teach basic cookery skills to patrons.

The community hub, which is located on the city’s St Helen’s Street, is used by (more…)

Brits on board with kitchen appliance rules

New laws brought in by the EU, which will see the manufacture of low-quality ovens, extractor hoods and cooker hobs halted by 2019, have been backed by British people.

The new legislation has been brought in to help cut down on (more…)

Turning you kitchen green

When we talk about ‘green’ kitchen spaces, we are not necessarily suggesting a radical rethink of your cooking area’s colour scheme. With global warming such a hot topic at the moment, there is no better time to consider the impact your kitchen and cooking habits could be having on the environment.

Eco-friendly ideas can make a real (more…)

Kitchen design could lead to a healthier life

According to a psychologist’s new book, it is kitchens that could determine whether people stick to a nutritious diet or not.

Looking at studies carried out in America, it was found that (more…)

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