Better kitchens needed in West Cumbrian schools

It has been claimed that there is a requirement for improved kitchen facilities at two schools in western Cumbria.

New plans have been submitted to transform the kitchens of two primary schools in the area in order to bring them up to government standards. This will enable the facilities to provide free school meals for all of the children who attend.

The plans submitted to Cumbria County Council stated that there is a “great need” for changes to be made to the kitchens at Flimby Primary School and Netherton Primary School, which is located in Maryport, so that they can provide free meals “safely and efficiently”.

At present, the kitchen facilities at Flimby are described as being “woefully inadequate” and the staff at Netherton are forced to work in kitchens that are cramped and ill laid out, according to the planning applications.

Kitchen staff at Flimby are looking to add an extension, which will enable them to transform the area by making it much easier to work in. Meanwhile, the plans for Netherton state:

“It is very narrow and does not allow easy circulation. There is not enough storage, preparation, cooking or serving space and operating within the area can often be hazardous.”

The kitchen is also located a distance away from the dining room, which means that food has to be bussed from the cooking space through the busy school entrance to the dining room. A single storey extension is being proposed to remedy this, making the facilities as spacious as the biggest kitchens that Cheshire or London have to offer.

Posted by Peter
January 17, 2015
Community kitchens

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