Black heralded as the new ‘it’ colour for kitchens

Traditionally, white has been the go to colour for custom kitchens, whether in Ellesmere Port, Paris, the USA, and just about everywhere else.

However, it is quickly going out of style, with more and more people choosing to replace their bland white kitchens with black ones.

Recently, the term ‘Kitchen noir’ was trending on several social media sites like Pinterest, which is a clear indicator that black is the new white when it comes to kitchens. A lot of the best interior designers are also beginning to add a lot of black kitchen designs to their portfolio.

Designers have noted that their clients are looking to black because they want their kitchens to stand out from the rest. Most people’s kitchens are still white or neutral in colour, which means that adding dramatic black units, tiles, or accessories is a sure-fire way for them to get their units noticed.

Most popular are black kitchen islands, cupboards and tiles, which create an effect that designers say is dramatic, atmospheric and romantic.

Maria Stapperfenne, who is president of the National Kitchen and Bath Association in the USA said:

“My clients are saying they want something different. They want something dramatic and bold. And they don’t want what their mother had.”

This year’s National Kitchen and Bath Style report also found that a third of their members had used black in at least one kitchen in the past 12 months, which is significantly up on the previous year, when only 12% of respondents had used the colour.

Posted by Peter
November 7, 2014
Emerging trends

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