Brits on board with kitchen appliance rules

New laws brought in by the EU, which will see the manufacture of low-quality ovens, extractor hoods and cooker hobs halted by 2019, have been backed by British people.

The new legislation has been brought in to help cut down on energy wastage and assist EU citizens with saving money on the cost of their utility bills. According to a ComRes survey, 87% of Brits support laws that improve the energy efficiency of appliances that are used in the kitchen.

The New Economics Foundation thinks that the new EU regulations regarding kitchen appliances will save British people £1.1bn on their energy bills by the year 2030, which would also bring about a massive reduction in energy waste.

Speaking in support of the new regulations, Tom Aikens, a Michelin-starred chef, commented:

“Wasting energy is as bad as wasting food. Using it efficiently in your kitchen is a double win, cutting your bills and carbon emissions. Energy isn’t infinite so we shouldn’t abuse it.”

The survey also found that British energy use fell 10% from 2008 to 2013, and that A-model fridge freezers saved 73% on bills for people who installed them as part of their luxury kitchen design. From Chester to London, using energy-efficient appliances in the home was able to save consumers energy and money, which is why many across Britain can expect to see similar eco-friendly designs appearing in kitchen showrooms in the near future. This will especially be the case once the regulations come into force and awareness of energy waste increases.

Posted by Peter
March 14, 2015

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