10 Design Tips From Oliver Green Kitchens, Wirral

Congratulations! You have decided to have a new fitted kitchen installed. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home and often becomes the focal point for the whole house, so a little planning and thought can ensure your kitchen does become your centrepiece.

10 Design Tips From Oliver Green Kitchens, Wirral

For a little help and guidance, here are 10 design tips from Oliver Green Kitchens, Wirral based fitted kitchen design and installation specialists:

  1. Group relevant work stations – this can reduce the walking around the kitchen during food preparation and prevent accidents if everything is close-at-hand.
  2. Think about corners – avoid putting appliances in corners where doors can obstruct each other. There are many fantastic corner cupboard storage options available.
  3. Think about height for appliances – which are your most used appliances? Avoid putting well-used ovens at floor level and microwaves too high.
  4. Increase work top space – wherever possible, try to get the maximum worktop space available…you will ALWAYS want more!
  5. Essential shelves – Create storage space for relevant items next to appliances such as shelves for cooking oils next to the hob and oven. 
  6. Plan recycling – avoid unsightly waste boxes on countertops by planning waste disposal cupboard options.
  7. Electric points – Plan extra electric points or “hideaway” plug towers to avoid adapters and extensions when you buy that latest gadget.
  8. Avoid banks of cupboards – break up long runs of cabinets and cupboards with glass fronts, display cabinets or wine-fridges to give a more homely feel.
  9. Think about light – Electric light needs to be between you and the workspace to prevent shadows. Under cupboard lighting is an excellent solution for this.
  10. Plan ahead – think about your expectations over the next 10 years and make plans for these.

10 Design Tips From Oliver Green Kitchens, Wirral

Peter Brett, owner of Oliver Green Kitchens will visit your home in Wirral, Merseyside or Chester, or you can visit the Oliver Green Showroom at Oaktree Court in Ness on Wirral. You can then discuss your requirements and he will help you through the design and fitting process. Peter has over 20 years in the industry and will give you all the tips and his thoughts on the ideal layout of your new fitted kitchen, helping with design choice, appliances, fitting and any other works that may be needed in fitting your new kitchen. 

10 Design Tips From Oliver Green Kitchens, Wirral

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10 Design Tips From Oliver Green Kitchens, Wirral

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