Eco Friendly Kitchens from Oliver Green, Wirral

Are you thinking of a having a new kitchen fitted in your home? Are you worried about the environmental impact of your actions and potential damage to our environment? Do you care for your planet, recycle and note your carbon footprint? Why not have a brand-new kitchen, fitted in your home that has been designed and built ecologically and follows the 3R philosophy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. There is a fantastic range of Eco Friendly Kitchens from Oliver Green Kitchens, Wirral.

Eco Friendly Kitchens from Oliver Green, Wirral

Puustelli Miinus Kitchens are designed and built with the whole of the product lifecycle in mind. This long-term approach to design and build, ensures that all materials have been tried and tested to ensure that they are sustainable and eco-friendly. With a focus on all areas of production, the Puustelli Miinus kitchen range have reduced the total environmental impact of their manufacture a and have cut the transportation carbon footprint by half.

The resulting kitchen ranges are beautifully designed, are practical in their layout and will enhance any home, giving you the kitchen that you have dreamed of, whilst allowing you to relax in the knowledge that you are helping the environment.

Eco Friendly Kitchens from Oliver Green, Wirral

Puustelli Miinus are proud to announce:

  • We determined the carbon footprint and indoor air emissions for every component.
  • We chose the most ecological, healthiest most sustainable materials.
  • We eradicated all MDF and chipboard components.
  • We replaced laminated and melamine surfaces.
  • We adapted our production methods.
  • We chose fully recyclable and re-useable materials.
  • We also vastly reduced emissions.
  • We cut indoor air emissions.

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Eco Friendly Kitchens from Oliver Green, WirralOliver Green Kitchens, based from their showroom in Ness on Wirral, are authorised Puustelli Miinus Kitchen suppliers and installation experts. Peter Brett, owner of Oliver Green Kitchens, is delighted to have been appointed as a supplier for Puustelli Miinus and invites you to his showroom, where you can examine the range and understand the materials and concept of these eco-friendly kitchens. Peter will help you through the decision process, visiting your home to take full measurements before providing you with a detailed plan of your new kitchen.

He will project manage the whole installation using his comprehensive team of skilled tradespeople, carried out with the minimum of fuss and will work around you with the least disruption possible, allowing you to carry on with your normal life.

Eco Friendly Kitchens from Oliver Green, Wirral

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