Study reveals where most germs live in the kitchen

A recent study has found that the most bacteria-infected part of kitchens in Chester, London, Paris and beyond are the hand towels.

Another major source of potential cross-contamination in cooking spaces can be (more…)

Major differences in food hygiene within UK

A new report has found that restaurant hygiene is a “postcode lottery” when it comes to finding somewhere to eat out.

The report, which was produced by Which?, revealed that half of the meals in (more…)

KFC tells Chinese diners to inspect kitchens

A fast food company has sent a message to customers in China who are worried about eating at the chain restaurant after a safety scare.

KFC has told them that they are (more…)

Most supermarket chickens contain food bugs

Kitchens in Chester and the rest of the UK could be infected with the campylobacter bug, according to the Food standards Agency (FSA).

It revealed that approximately (more…)

Chopping boards are a breeding ground for germs

The average kitchen chopping board may be full of dangerous bacteria, including Salmonella and Campylobacter.

Many people neglect to clean their (more…)

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