Half of children do not eat veg every day

The results of a new survey carried out by CBBC’s Newsround revealed that over half of the UK’s children do not eat any vegetables on a daily basis.

This is despite the fact that the Government recommends that (more…)

Brits on board with kitchen appliance rules

New laws brought in by the EU, which will see the manufacture of low-quality ovens, extractor hoods and cooker hobs halted by 2019, have been backed by British people.

The new legislation has been brought in to help cut down on (more…)

Experts deliver food waste warning

A report has called upon world leaders to tackle the problem of food wastage, which sees billions of pounds worth of produce thrown out each year.

According to a study produced for the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate by UK waste experts, an (more…)

Britons have unused herbs worth millions stashed in kitchen cupboards

From the flashy custom kitchens of Cheshire to the humble cottage pantries of Cornwall, British people are thought to be hoarding an estimated £240m of unused herbs in their cupboards.

Interestingly, the reason that many of the herbs remain (more…)

How Britons spend their time in the kitchen

A recent survey was taken in an effort to find out how UK families use their kitchens, with the results proving illuminating.

Amongst other things, the survey revealed (more…)

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