Chefs predict 2015 menu trends

Members of the American Culinary Federation have made their predictions for what they think will be the biggest food trends in restaurants for 2015.

The 1,300 chefs were surveyed as part of the National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot Culinary Forecast. This aims to find out what foods will soon be on menus in the restaurants of the USA. By extension, as all of the biggest American restaurant trends tend to reach the UK, they could soon find their way into the luxury kitchens of Chester as well.

This year’s survey produced a mixed bag of results, some of which were very surprising and some not at all. For instance, no one was shocked by the fact that locally sourced proteins and produce took the first two spots on the list, as they have done for the past three years running.

However, it was reportedly a shock to some to see that gluten-free food did not make the top ten list for 2015, as it had actually risen three places from eight to five in 2014.

Speaking about the survey, Hudson Riehle, the association’s senior vice president, said:

“As consumers today increasingly incorporate restaurants into their daily lives, they want to be able to follow their personal preferences and philosophies no matter where or how they choose to dine. So, it’s only natural that culinary themes like local sourcing, sustainability and nutrition top our list of menu trends for 2015.”

Other trends to make the top ten for 2015 list include minimally processed food and natural ingredients at number five, sustainable seafood at number eight, and farm-branded items at number ten.

Posted by Peter
January 5, 2015
Emerging trends

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