Chopping boards are a breeding ground for germs

The average kitchen chopping board may be full of dangerous bacteria, including Salmonella and Campylobacter.

Many people neglect to clean their chopping boards correctly, leading to a build-up of bacteria that could potentially cause food poisoning and many other illnesses.

With the average chopping board, if tested, containing high amounts of potentially dangerous bacteria, it is therefore not surprising that around 40% of food poisoning cases are caused by dishes prepared in the home.

Speaking to the Huffington Post about this kitchen nightmare, Lisa Ackerley, a food hygiene expert, commented:

“When chopping boards are left for hours without being hygienically cleaned, bacteria can build up and be hard to remove – especially from old chopping boards, which have developed deep cuts and scoring.”

Many of the most problematic germs are routinely discovered on raw meat, which can then be passed on to ready to eat food via the chopping board. For that reason, it is advisable to have your kitchen designer, whether in Cheshire, Cambridge or Cornwall, factor in space for separate chopping boards in your home.

Having a chopping board for raw meat and separate ones for everything else is a great way to avoid cross-contamination and food poisoning.

It is also important to immediately clean a chopping board after use, to avoid the build-up of bacteria. This can also make cleaning actually easier. Ms Ackerly advises using an anti-bacterial cleaning product on chopping boards, or disinfecting them in the dishwasher immediately after their use.

Posted by Peter
November 28, 2014
Kitchen hygiene

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