Dining in the dark helps raise awareness in Hampshire

Dozens of diners gathered to experience the difficulties they would face if they were blind earlier this month.

Dining in the Dark was an event that occurred at Lauro’s Brasserie in Fareham. Its aim was to give diners the experience of being blind as they ate a three-course meal.

Many of the people showed up wearing aprons, something they would never do in the finest kitchens that Cheshire and London have to offer, because they were worried about spilling food all over themselves.

The unique dining event was arranged by Open Sight, a Hampshire-based charity that has been supporting partially sighted and blind people for over 90 years.

The diners included the Mayors of Fareham, David Norris, who, like his companions for the evening, donned a blindfold throughout the course of the meal.

Speaking to The Portsmouth News, Councillor Norris said:

“It’s what blind people do all the time. It was difficult. It’s a good idea to see sighted people experiencing what blind people go through daily.”

Mayoress Pamela Norris, who was also in attendance, noted how participants in the event had to feel everything. She mentioned how she would bring her fork to her mouth and find that there was nothing on it. However, she did say that she enjoyed the Dining in the Dark experience.

The unusual dining event raised £500 for charity and gave the guests a unique insight into the lives of blind people in the kitchen and dining area, which will help them to better understand the challenges that all people with partial or no sight face.

Posted by Peter
December 14, 2014

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