Duchess leads two-kitchen trend

While not known for her cooking, the Duchess of Cambridge has helped to start a new culinary trend, which has well-to-do households installing two kitchens in their properties.

Catherine has been dubbed ‘Two-Kitchens Kate’ by certain sections of the media, after she installed a second kitchen at Kensington Palace. The Duchess had this done after finding the main kitchen, which was designed by Lord Snowdon, not to her taste and having that replaced too.

While this may seem extravagant to many, the Duchess is actually keeping up with an emerging trend, which has seen the mansion owners of expensive areas like Kensington, Surrey, and Notting Hill asking for the same arrangements. Some are even requesting three kitchens, so that they have a place to entertain friends, a robust family kitchen, and an outdoor cooking space for summer barbeques.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Lochie Rankin from Lichfields, a popular luxury property search agent, said:

“At the top end of the market, it is unusual now to see a property without two kitchens. Many expensive houses have a main kitchen and a catering kitchen used by staff, often in the basement, with huge industrial-style ovens and fridge freezers.”

The upstairs kitchen, which will have coffee machines and sofas, could become the setting for the informal suppers with guests.

The trend looks set to spread across the country, and it is only a matter of time before custom made kitchens from Cheshire to Cornwall begin to incorporate two or more spaces into the equation.

Posted by Peter
November 22, 2014
Emerging trends

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