Experts deliver food waste warning

A report has called upon world leaders to tackle the problem of food wastage, which sees billions of pounds worth of produce thrown out each year.

According to a study produced for the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate by UK waste experts, an increase in the size of the global middle class could result in £388bn of food being thrown away each year by 2030.

By reducing such waste, the world economy could save as much as £194bn, so governments across the globe should make the issue a priority, according to the report published by the Waste and Resources Action Programme.

It was claimed that countries can also become more efficient by cutting food waste. However, it would mean that all consumers would need to reduce the amount of produce they wasted by around half.

It is estimated that one third of food produced globally ends up as waste, with approximately £259bn worth of this thrown out by consumer. From the custom built kitchens of Ellesmere Port to the more basic cooking spaces of the Philippines, far too much waste is being produced, which is reportedly having a negative impact on not only the economy, but the planet too.

By tackling the issue, according to the report, global leaders can manage climate change and improve economic performance. Reportedly, this can be done through relatively simple changes, such as lowering fridge temperatures and creating better packaging designs, but also by consumers using everything that they purchase and checking what is in the kitchen before buying additional supplies.

Posted by Peter
March 8, 2015

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