Food hygiene awareness up

A new survey by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) shows that more people than ever before are aware of its food hygiene rating scheme and Scores on the Doors policy.

These are used by many kitchens in Chester and tell members of the public how hygienic a particular food establishment is.

Roughly 75% of people who responded to the Food and You poll carried out by the FSA said that they had seen the stickers and certificates, which are used to rate hygiene standards. This represents a 19% increase in awareness from 2012, when only 56% of people surveyed reported having seen them.

It is recommended by the FSA that businesses display these stickers and certificates in a prominent place, so that consumers can easily spot them and make a decision as to whether they eat in a particular establishment or not. It would seem that many more businesses have taken heed, as more respondents have seen them recently.

The survey also asked whether respondents had actively used one of the hygiene rating schemes to make a decision as to where they would eat, and a fifth of them stated that they had indeed used the FSA’s signs for this purpose.

Around 65% of those polled also said that they believed that the hygiene and cleanliness of eateries was important, whilst only 56% stated that good service was vital. Furthermore, 49% said that reviews or recommendations were a big factor in them choosing where to eat.

Posted by Peter
November 4, 2014

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