Four things people forget when planning a kitchen

Sometimes it’s so easy to get bogged down in choosing tile patterns and paint shades that you can miss some really obvious ideas that can improve your kitchen no end.

To help, we’ve picked out four common things that people overlook when building their dream kitchen:


It may not be the most exciting matter to think about in the world, but choosing adequate and suitable ventilation for your kitchen can save you a lot of cleaning, money and, let’s be honest, unwanted whiffs.

As well as getting rid of any smoke and smells, good ventilation has the benefit that it can whisk away a lot of the grease and common contaminants that arise from everyday cooking. This means that getting the right ventilation system, and remembering to use it, can save you a lot of time scrubbing your appliances down, as well as helping them to work better and live longer.

Utensil racks

It’s something that you’ll only realise once you start using your kitchen, but trying to get all your pots and pans back into a cupboard is a brainteaser that you can do without when you have just finished all the washing up.

The answer? Install racks where you can have them hanging, making the utensils easier to get out and put away when you need them. Racks can either be fitted to walls or on the underside of existing cabinets, meaning there is never any need to return to the days of playing infuriating jigsaw puzzles with your saucepans.

Skimping on cabinets

Dividing up a budget for a kitchen is tough, so trying to keep back enough money to buy quality cabinets and cupboards is difficult. However, these are the units that are going to be opened and closed every day, and they will always be on view to anyone who comes into the kitchen. Therefore, choosing well-crafted units, such as hardwood with sturdy hinges, is important if you want to build a kitchen to last.


Again, it’s all too easy to forget about lighting when planning your kitchen, but a little thought really can go a long way. Designers say that you should think roughly in terms of three ‘layers’ of lighting.

The first is general lighting, usually from the ceiling, for the whole room. Next is task lighting, such as to illuminate underneath cabinets for specific jobs in the kitchen. Lastly, accent lighting can add emphasis to specific shelves or features in the kitchen. If you think in terms of these layers, you will never be far away from a kitchen that is positively glowing.

Posted by Peter
February 14, 2015

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