France allows kitchen toilets for first time

It is unlikely to catch on with your luxury kitchen designer in Ellesmere Port, but the French Government has declared that it is permissible to have a toilet in the kitchen of the European nation’s homes.

French ministers Sylvia Pinel and Ségolène Royal recently passed a decree that states that toilet facilities do not have to be separate from the kitchen and living room anymore, which is sure to please Paris landlords, who are known for making apartments out of the smallest of spaces. The decree was passed on the 6th November, and marks the first time that such amenities have been allowed in French kitchens.

The new legislation, which might see a toilet bowl added to the design of many a kitchen in the country, has been billed as a “process of simplification of regulations”.

This change in building codes has seen the end of the previous regulation, which prohibited the “direct communication between the closets and kitchens and living rooms”. This change means that builders will be able to create new toilets in existing living space, according to France’s Metro News.

The previous law had stated that toilets could not be accessed directly from either the living room of kitchen, on the grounds that it was not hygienic or desirable to do so, but this is no longer the case, as of December 1st. This means that anyone looking for a posh French pad should probably start searching before then, if they want to avoid having a toilet in their cooking space.

Posted by Peter
November 20, 2014
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