Healthy eating diner comes to the North East

A new kitchen that offers nutritious versions of some of the nation’s favourite restaurant meals has opened in Middlesbrough.

With healthy eating such a hot topic at the moment due to soaring levels of obesity, the time is ripe for restaurants that provide more nutritious options, with Nosh Healthy Kitchen hoping to fulfil this role for Teesiders.

Nosh Healthy Kitchen will be serving up nutritious meals to its guests, with dishes like ‘skinny parmo’ likely to be very popular.

The restaurant is the brainchild of chef Shari Jahangiry and his son Jason. Before the Linthorpe Road eatery even opened, it was gaining a lot of interest from locals on social media.

Speaking ahead of its launch on 29th March, Jason said:

“We wanted to create something different and healthy. People are more health conscious now, and want to go somewhere that caters to the type of diet they are following, whether that is slimming or building muscle.”

He also noted that, despite the fact the kitchen would be serving up healthy fast food, he and his father wanted to ensure that people could still identify the dishes. This is why they will use well-known meals, simply cooking them with healthier ingredients.

The opening of the new eatery comes just after it was announced that Middlesbrough has one of the unhealthiest high streets in the country, so hopefully this will help to change that. One thing’s for sure though, healthy eating is a trend that is set to stay, whether in the kitchens of Cheshire, Middlesbrough or London.

Posted by Peter
April 5, 2015

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