How Britons spend their time in the kitchen

A recent survey was taken in an effort to find out how UK families use their kitchens, with the results proving illuminating.

Amongst other things, the survey revealed that the number of British households who take the time to sit down together for a meal is in decline. In fact, only 35% of those surveyed said that they sit down to dinner as a family.

The poll also found that 45%of conversations held around the kitchen table were about work and that 65% of families used the kitchen as a place for argument, debate and important decision making. This proved that, whether it is a custom kitchen design in Ellesmere Port or a traditional country space in Hertfordshire, the kitchen is an important hub of the home.

The survey, which had 1,000 participants and was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of a leading kitchen manufacturer, asked a number of probing questions about the way that people utilise the space in their kitchens, as well as what they do there, in order to find out how the rooms function within a household.

Other findings made during the survey include the fact that 5% of people spend between one and three hours in the kitchen each day, and 56% of respondents consider washing and ironing to be the most common activities that they carry out in the kitchen, after cooking.

Surprisingly, the survey found that only 28% of people use their kitchen space for entertaining guests.

Posted by Peter
November 14, 2014

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