How to make the most of your kitchen redesign

With many people trying to create the very best cooking space that they can, either to prepare more extravagant meals, host stylish suppers or to simply have a place to unwind after a long day, it is easy to get caught up with kitchen design.

While there are worse ways to spend your day than planning a luxury room in which to cook your meals, rushing headlong into your redesign can lead to problems. As such, it is best to stand back for a minute and make a solid plan, which the following can help you with:

The layout

First off, it is a good idea to look at the space that you have and then decide the overall shape that you will want. A good tip is to make sure that your fridge, worktop and sink form a triangle, with no more than six feet between any of them. This will help to make the kitchen much more in tune to your needs, while saving you from constantly walking from one end to the other.

As you will be able to move about your kitchen with ease if you arrange it in an accessible way, you will soon find that your meal ideas will begin to flow just as naturally.

Storage options

Often it is found that a kitchen will just not have enough places to put items, while lots of room is still left over. To counter this, it is best to install full-height cabinets and make use of every nook in your cooking space, as this will allow for the greatest amount of storage.

Apart from just making the place look tidier, this means it will also be much easier to clean, keeping your kitchen fit for food preparation. This is especially the case if there are no exposed cabinet tops, as these can quite easily collect dust.

Keep it light

Importantly, you will want to be able to see your way around the kitchen, especially when carrying hot food. As such, lighting should be very much on your mind during a redesign.

An illuminating note to take on board is that you will not want any shadows over worktops, which is even more important when you are cutting up ingredients. To make sure that you can see what you are doing clearly, lighting must also shine in front of you, which is where under-cabinet spotlights come in handy.

Posted by Peter
February 18, 2015

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