How to solve your kitchen storage issues

Trying to persuade all of your pots and pans to fit back into a cupboard that clearly isn’t big enough is a well-known pastime for all kitchen owners. As such, finding enough storage space in the kitchen can be a real headache.

Short of knocking walls down, the only real answer is to get better at using the space given to you, so here is our guide to maximising storage and minimising frustration in your kitchen:

Think about what you need

There are certain items in everyone’s kitchen that sit there year in, year out. This is not because they get used every day, but because moving them just seems unimaginable. Just consider cookbooks. Many kitchens have library of beautiful volumes, with appetising ideas and tantalising photos, waiting to unleash a world of fantastic flavours on its reader.

Unfortunately, they all sit unopened and collecting dust, whilst cooks use their phones and tablets to get recipes instead. Maybe it’s better to clear those books out to another room, where they can be browsed at leisure, and leave more room in the kitchen for things that are in regular demand. This rule applies to lots of other items too, so it’s important to think about what is vital for day-to-day life in the kitchen.


Again, this requires thought about what you use most in your kitchen. It makes sense to keep the essentials within close reach, and with ample space to take them in and out. This means that you can be sure to minimise the amount of clattering and banging when you go to use them, making your kitchen feel a lot easier to use. Likewise, items like smoothie makers and espresso machines, which don’t get much use, should be put higher up in the cupboards and out of the way, until they are needed.

Smart storage

Cooking spaces come in all shapes, and making the most of your nooks and crannies may just be the secret to kitchen bliss. A pull-out shelving system can reinvigorate a corner cupboard, and plate racks can be both practical and attractive, as can under cupboard hooks for hanging mugs. Large utensils are also notorious for getting stuck in drawers, so keeping them on the worktop in a container will keep them easy to access and out of trouble.

Look to the stars…

Or maybe just the ceiling, as hanging racks for pots and pans are a more radical option if cupboard space is at an absolute minimum. Whatever you decide to do, taking steps to improve your storage options can quickly transform your kitchen.

Posted by Peter
January 17, 2015

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