KFC tells Chinese diners to inspect kitchens

A fast food company has sent a message to customers in China who are worried about eating at the chain restaurant after a safety scare.

KFC has told them that they are welcome to inspect its kitchens, as if they were a kitchen showroom in Cheshire, in order to see how they operate for themselves.

China constitutes the biggest market for KFC’s parent Yum Brands Inc., but after a TV report in July, which alleged that staff at the firm’s suppliers were using expired meats in their products, sales have slowed down significantly.

This has prompted Yum to slash its profit forecast for the 2014 for a second time, as well as offering Chinese customers the chance to tour any of the 1,000 of its kitchens and a couple of its suppliers, to see that the products are safe.

The company has produced adverts for their kitchen tours that read:

“How is KFC’s food prepared? Is the chicken safe? Are the restaurants hygienic? You can see our chicken farms yourself, and unravel the mysteries of KFC restaurants on the spot. You decide whether or not our food is safe!”

Customers who book a kitchen visit online will be shown around by a tour guide, being shown what life in a KFC kitchen really is like. This will include 20 seconds of employee hand washing, a look at the oil used to fry foods, and insight into how the chickens used to create the products are raised.

Visitors will not be permitted to use mobile phones or recording devices of any kind during the tour.

Posted by Peter
December 29, 2014
Kitchen hygiene

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