KFC’s kitchen makeover

A fast food company is getting a ‘hipster’ redesign, with the people of Berkshire being the first to test out the new look of their local branch.

The new KFC layout includes custom-built, open-plan kitchens and exposed brickwork, which give the place the look and feel of a fancy New York restaurant, rather than a simple fast food chain. The first UK store to get the hipster treatment is in Bracknell, which opened in the first week of November.

The new store is supposed to make the restaurant more homely, reflecting the kitchen as the heart of the home. As well as the open-plan design, the restaurant also features textured brick wall effects on both of its floors, exposed ceilings, and a number of photographs and illustrations commissioned by the chain to reflect the ingredients used by KFC to prepare their chicken meals.

The restaurant also put out a press release that stated that their customers are encouraged to relax in an “informal and stylish setting”. It added that it now features a butcher’s block, low-hanging copper light fixtures, timber plank kitchen tables, and loose furniture. However, diners at the redesigned store will still be expected to place their order at the till as usual.

Visitors to the eatery, somewhat unusually for fast food restaurants, will be able to watch their meals being prepared, thanks to the open-plan kitchens. This is something that many people would like to see implemented in fast food restaurants across the country, and it would not be surprising if open-plan, custom built kitchens from Chester to Cardiff become the norm.

Posted by Peter
November 16, 2014

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