Kitchen design could lead to a healthier life

According to a psychologist’s new book, it is kitchens that could determine whether people stick to a nutritious diet or not.

Looking at studies carried out in America, it was found that 75% of people ditch their diets and healthy eating regimes within the first month. However, Professor Brian Wansink claims that this is not because they lacked the willpower or desire to diet, but because of the way that kitchens, workplaces and restaurants, along with supermarkets, are designed.

In Wansink’s book, Slim by Design, he stated:

“We’ve gradually arranged our homes to make our favourite tasty foods easier to find and eat… Restaurants have made it easier to order tasty food. Supermarkets have made it easier to buy. Workplaces have made it easier to eat at our desks… It has all helped to make us ‘fat by design’.”

The psychologist believes that by simply altering the designs of kitchens, restaurants, offices, and shops, people can lose weight and eat more healthily.

For anyone looking to create their own custom built kitchens in Cheshire to take advantage of this new research, meaning that it may be easier for them to make healthier food choices in the home, Prof Wansink had a number of top design tips.

These included removing all clutter from kitchen worktops, with the exception being a fruit bowl, buying dinner plates no bigger than 10-inches wide, and installing blue lights, which reportedly lead to an average 20% reduction in calories consumed.

Posted by Peter
March 11, 2015
Kitchen news

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