Kitchens of the future

Do you remember when you got your first microwave and you thought the future had really arrived? Well, imagine owning a ‘food printer’, a herd of flying, cleaning robots, and your own kitchen beehive.

Sound unbelievable? It may be slightly closer than you think…

Recipe ideas

If you’ve ever stood with your fridge open wondering how to combine olives, an egg, and some leftover guacamole, you might just need a smart fridge, which knows all the things inside it and can suggest recipe ideas to help you combine them. In fact, you won’t even need to have the fridge door open, as they come with LCD screens allowing you to look inside without pulling the handle.

Bushtucker trial

For anyone who has ever watched celebrities in the jungle eating creepy crawlies and wished they had the chance to do the same, companies are now developing units that will breed and kill insects, such as grasshoppers, ready for you to eat. Eco-friendly and high in protein, our six-legged friends could be the answer to the world’s food shortages. Similarly, other companies are creating easy to maintain beehives, connected to the outside world so that the bees can come and go as they please, creating an ideal way of making your own honey.

Food printers

NASA is currently combining the new technology of 3D printing with culinary know-how to create food printers that can produce all manner of goodies for its astronauts. Relatively complex treats have already been perfected, such as chocolates and sweets, meaning that in the future you might be able to just print yourself off a filet mignon whenever you fancy.

Washing without water

With saving water an ever increasing priority in the modern world, a number of washing machines that use just 2% of the water normally required for a cycle are already being developed. Using plastic chips mixed in with the washing, they drastically cut the amount of H2O in each cycle. If this isn’t good enough, other companies are also working on machines that wash clothes using carbon dioxide, doing away with our old friend water completely.


Perhaps the most unusual of all future kitchen ideas come from Adrian Perez Zapata, a Colombian designer, who has come up with a concept called ‘Mab’. He claims that, like swarms of bees pollinating flowers, Mab will consist on flocks of tiny cleaning robots that will fly around the house looking for dirt, cleaning surfaces with a drop of water on contact. Every robot will have its own solar energy panels, meaning that they will recharge themselves and be ready to get to work whenever they see fit.

Posted by Peter
January 27, 2015

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