London’s well-off go crazy for luxury kitchen designs

It used to be classic cars that the capital’s wealthy would use as a sign of their status, but now London’s super-rich are competing in the kitchen.

Wealthy French expats have started a new trend in using luxury kitchens as status symbols, and it is something that has caught on with a lot of well-off people in the capital.

Design firms in the city have reportedly seen a huge influx of French clients since 2012, according to the Evening Standard. A number of famous clients have also sought their services for luxury kitchen designs.

London’s luxury kitchen owners invariably see their purchases as sound investments. Houses with great kitchens are always in high demand, and will usually fetch a much higher price if and when the property is sold on.

Some have commented that that the reason so many French people are coming to London, and investing so heavily in luxury kitchens, is because the tax environment in the UK is less harsh than across the Channel, which not only attracts the country’s wealthy, but also enables them to invest in high-quality custom kitchens.

London also has a booming housing market, and one of the best ways to be competitive in this area is to have an impressive kitchen that will wow everyone who steps foot in it. Of course, anything that is a trend in London usually spreads north, and this will no doubt be the case with custom made kitchens in Cheshire.

Posted by Peter
October 25, 2014
Emerging trends

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