Major differences in food hygiene within UK

A new report has found that restaurant hygiene is a “postcode lottery” when it comes to finding somewhere to eat out.

The report, which was produced by Which?, revealed that half of the meals in hospitals, restaurants and schools, in some parts of the country, could cause food poisoning due to the poor level of kitchen hygiene. This emphasises the importance of maintaining proper standards.

In fact, according to the report’s researchers, the level of food hygiene in some areas on the country is so bad that diners “might as well toss a coin” in order to decide where to eat.

In Enfield, for example, it was found that 54% of eating establishments did not achieve even the most basic hygiene standards, making it the worst area when it comes to food hygiene.

Edinburgh was the second worst region, with 32% of kitchens failing to reach acceptable levels.

Speaking about the report, the executive director of Which?, Richard Lloyd, commented:

“Our research reveals a shocking postcode lottery on food hygiene where in some places you may as well toss a coin before deciding which restaurant to trust with your health.”

However, it is not all bad news, as according to the same report a number of towns and cities are lucky enough to have eating establishments with good hygiene practices. Cherwell and Brentwood topped the list of places with high food hygiene standards, meaning that diners there can eat more at ease.

In fact, in some areas, nine out of ten kitchens were reported as making the grade, with hygiene regimes that rival the best practices in the luxury kitchens of Cheshire.

Posted by Peter
February 20, 2015
Kitchen hygiene

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