Man sets up own kitchen in airport lounge

Wu Jiayong has become an Internet sensation after he made the decision to set up his own mini-kitchen in a Hong Kong International Airport lounge.

After missing his flight home, Mr Wu was left with no money to buy himself a meal, at which point he whipped out a small rice cooker from his suitcase and proceeded to make lunch right in the midst of the busy terminal.

The whole thing was filmed by a passer-by, with the video showing Wu, who is 46, collecting some water from the airport’s restroom before producing an electric rice cooker. He then proceeds to plug it into an empty outlet in the airport lounge. While not up the same standards of the custom made kitchens in Cheshire, the makeshift eatery turned Mr Wu into a minor celebrity.

At the time the video was taken, the construction worker was in the process of returning home after losing his job in Singapore. After falling asleep in the airport lounge, he was left stranded without any food, which is how the surreal situation came about.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the incident, he said:

“I had just enough to get a new ticket set to leave on Tuesday two days later, but I didn’t have any more money for food. I didn’t want to offend anyone but I needed power supply to cook the rice so I had to do it indoors.”

Although Mr Wu’s makeshift kitchen was quickly closed down by airport staff, kind travellers provided him with enough food to last until his new flight home.

Posted by Peter
March 20, 2015
Kitchen news

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