New Year, New Kitchen

Your kitchen has been working overtime throughout the whole festive period, and just like you, it deserves a bit of January pampering.

Whilst there are many resolutions that you probably won’t keep in the New Year, revamping your kitchen is an easy and affordable way to start the next 12 months on the right foot. Here are our favourite ways of giving it a new lease of life:

New colours

If your kitchen is looking a bit tired and grey, one of the best ways to kick-start it is to reach for the paintbrush. Whether you choose yellow, proven to improve mood and appetite, or red to bring some warmth to a cold space, a splash of colour can change your kitchen’s ambience in a flash. You can even sand your units down and give them a new colour code too. Just don’t try and use anything too stomach-turning; you do need to eat here after all.

New cooking appliances

This might seem like a bit more of an investment, but quality ovens and hobs are now cheaper than ever, and can have a huge impact on how much you enjoy your kitchen. New induction hobs can boil pans of water in seconds, leaving electric hobs of the past standing. Ovens have come a long way too, and can now even clean themselves, which leaves you more time to enjoy the perfect, crispy pizza you just baked in it. If you’re a budding Gordon Ramsay, getting your cooker right is the key to a feel-good kitchen.

New taps

We’ve all heard of changing the handles on your units, and while this is a great idea, why not go one step further and treat your sink to some new taps? It’s a much smaller job than you might think, and some people say that having a good-looking, clean sink is the most important thing in the kitchen. So treat yourself to a new set of gleaming taps, and let the good times flow.

New worktops

One you’ve done everything else above, the worktops will be about the only thing left to change, and they will finish off your new-look kitchen perfectly. Although the Italian granite might have to wait until your lottery numbers come up, laminate worktops offer an attractive alternative on a budget. Coming in almost any colour or style you could think of, they are guaranteed to give your kitchen a celebrity look at an everyday price.

Posted by Peter
December 17, 2014

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