People found to be trekking for miles through their kitchens

A study has found that the average person walks over 50 miles around their kitchen space every year.

The research revealed that the average Briton walked 130,000 steps around their kitchen annually, which is the equivalent of 61 miles. This is the same as the distance between Oxford and London.

The study was carried out by asking 50 adult volunteers in the UK to put on a pedometer every time that they entered their cooking space for more than 15 minutes. They did this for seven days, allowing researchers to calculate the average weekly mileage. This was then multiplied by 52 weeks to find out the estimated total for the year.

The researchers discovered that people spend the most time walking around their kitchens at the weekend, with over 2,000 steps (about a mile) walked over Saturday and Sunday. The participants also spent up to six hours in the kitchen either cooking a meal or cleaning during this time.

In contrast, the average weekday mileage was as low as 0.2 miles, with the busiest times being breakfast and early evening.

The study also found that the average kitchen size is now 11msq, while the way that we use our culinary space is changing, with activities such as socialising, surfing the Internet, and studying becoming increasingly common. This just goes to show how important it is to invest in a quality kitchen designer in Cheshire, who will create a space that is practical for modern use.

Posted by Peter
January 20, 2015
Kitchen news

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