Peugeot creates kitchen on wheels

Peugeot is well known for its manufacturing of standard cars and vans, but now it has gone one step further by producing a mobile kitchen.

The Peugeot Le Bistrot du Lion foodtruck is a unique creation, which can be split into two separate pieces – a kitchen and a dining area – with space for up to 30 diners. It even has room for a DJ and, of course, the all-important chefs too, with some having described the culinary vehicle as being every bit as stylish as the luxury kitchens of Ellesmere Port.

The Le Bistort du Lion is just the latest in a line of foodtrucks, which are already very popular in the USA, but relatively new to France. The Le Bistrot du Lion is, however, one of the most interesting vehicles of its kind.

Instead of simply being a refitted van, like a number of other foodtrucks, it has been designed with the concept of creating a fully functional kitchen and dining space from the off.

Speaking to The Star Online about the new vehicle, the head of the Peugeot Design Lab, Cathal Loughnane, said:

“We wanted to create a complete food truck experience, not only creating a kitchen for the chef but a restaurant and cafe for the customers. A lot of attention was given to opening up the kitchen and allowing the chef and food preparation to be as close to the public as possible.”

The foodtruck features everything from a high-quality espresso machine and 400-litre, underfloor cold storage space to a DJ booth and widescreen display area.

Posted by Peter
April 17, 2015
Kitchen news

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