Retro designs: Back to the Kitchen!

With the almost uninform design of most modern kitchens these days, many people are looking for something a little different to help their design stand out. In fact, some are even looking backwards for inspiration.

While the trend for completely retro cooking spaces may have passed its zenith, inserting a few such items into a contemporary space can easily give your kitchen the talking point that it needs, while still looking great. To help, here are a few suggestions to make your luxury kitchen hip:

Chequered flooring

A very old-school theme is to have some chequered floors fitted into your cooking space, with alternating colours. Black and white is the traditional choice for such a feature, which goes especially well in a modern kitchen fitted out with stainless steel fixtures, but blue or red can often be a great decision. This is most complementary if the rest of the room is detailed with the same shade.

This effect is most often carried out through tiling, but that is not your only option. A quality designer may often recommend painting such a pattern on wooden floors, which will help in a kitchen with more natural features.

Pop art

Putting up retro art on the walls of your new cooking space can be a great way of adding a splash of colour to the room, but without it becoming overpowering. One or two pieces will suffice, especially pop art, which is often bright to begin with.

With retro styles currently en vogue in the art world, your new painting or print will make for an interesting conversation point at any informal suppers with guests or neighbours. It can also be just for you, to help you relax after a long day at work.

Ornate accessories

While it may seem obvious to include a clock in your kitchen, either to make sure that you don’t overcook any meals or that you are on time for work, has it occurred to you that this object does not have to be entirely functional? In fact, a decorative timepiece can provide just the right amount of ostentatious luxury to not become overbearing, and there are many retro items that fit the bill.

In this vein, you may also like to include a mirror in your new custom-designed kitchen. While they may be considered a little unusual for a cooking space, mirrors are great at making a room look larger than it really is, while enhancing its lighting.

Posted by Peter
February 26, 2015

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