Robot waiters enter Asian kitchens

A number of restaurants in China have dispensed with employees of the human kind in favour of robotic servers and kitchen staff.

The automatons are already fetching food from the kitchen to the tables in Chinese restaurants, much to the reported delight of customers.

With robotic technologies improving steadily, especially in recent years, such machines may even find their way to British shores before too long. As such, patrons may soon find themselves being served by a waiter of the metallic variety in the luxury built kitchens of Cheshire or London in a few years’ time.

The robotic employees are also carrying out basic kitchen tasks, such as adding oil to pans in eateries like Tian Waike in southeast China. This is a move that has allowed the restaurant to cut its staff numbers by two-thirds, meaning that many other establishments may look to follow suit.

The robots at Tian Waike are manufactured by Pangolin, which claims that it has already received thousands of orders for automated food servers. This has prompted the company to consider opening similar restaurants outside of China.

The China Robot Industry Alliance stated that the Asian nation is now the largest consumer of automatons in the world, buying a fifth of the globe’s robots. This equates to 36,000 of the machines being purchased in China in the past year alone.

It is only a matter of time before the rest of the world follows suit, with the possibility being that the automated servers may move out of restaurants and into home kitchens as well.

Posted by Peter
January 14, 2015

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