Study reveals where most germs live in the kitchen

A recent study has found that the most bacteria-infected part of kitchens in Chester, London, Paris and beyond are the hand towels.

Another major source of potential cross-contamination in cooking spaces can be, according to the study, mobile phones.

Cross-contamination is categorised as the accidental transference of germs, which could cause illnesses such as food poisoning, from one place to another.

The research was carried out by Kansas State University. It asked 123 participants to cook a dish using raw meat, as well as a fruit salad dish. The meals were prepared in a specially set-up kitchen on the university’s campus.

Before the experiment took place, the meat was loaded with a harmless strain of bacteria, so that researchers could trace the level of contamination spread as the meal was prepared.

Speaking about the experiment, Jeannie Sneed, lead food researcher at the university, said:

“First, participants were observed frequently handling towels, including paper towels, even when not using them for drying. Towels were determined to be the most contaminated of all the contact surfaces tested.”

During the experiment, a lot of participants touched kitchen towels before they cleaned their hands or did not wash them well enough first, according to Ms. Sneed.

It was also found that even when participants washed their hands correctly, they would later reuse the contaminated towels, thus transferring germs to their hands again.

It is advisable that cloth towels are washed after they have been used in the preparation of a meal, as it is very easy for bacteria to grow on them.

Posted by Peter
April 8, 2015
Kitchen hygiene

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