Temporary kitchens teach kids about loving veggies

Mobile cooking facilities are increasingly being used to help children learn more about food and appreciate the benefits of healthy natural produce.

A lot of schools have their own gardens, where they teach children to grow food, but now educators are increasingly bringing in temporary kitchens to help the children learn how to cook the produce they harvest.

Some schools do not have the space or facilities to teach children how to cook, so they are increasingly using mobile kitchens. Such units, while not as well equipped as established kitchens, can be brought in to teach simple cooking classes and encourage children who do not like fruits and veggies to give them another try.

Such units are often carts, which can be moved from classroom to classroom or even school to school, giving all the children in the area the opportunity to learn to cook.

The mobile cooking kits can come with a surprising amount of facilities, including ovens, sinks, and cooking hobs. They often also have a first aid kit, should any kids have an accident.

Visits by the cart are usually accompanied by lessons in food preparation and healthy eating.

Of course, schools do not necessarily need to invest in a mobile kitchen to teach their children about cooking. Established spaces, whether custom built kitchens in Chester or those in local community centres, are encouraged to get on board with teaching children about the importance of good food and endowing them with the skills to produce it.

Posted by Peter
December 20, 2014
Community kitchens

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