Ten-pence food deals prove overwhelming

The kitchen of a student bar in Lincoln, which was offering food for just a few pennies, has been so overwhelmed that it is having to revise the deal.

Customers at the Tower Bar have been enjoying cooked meals for as little as 10p, which is significantly less than many people would have expected to pay in the kitchens of Cheshire and London, thanks to an app deal that entitled them to £6 off their first and third orders.

The Orderella application covers the UK and offers money-off deals on various menus. It was so popular with diners at the Tower Bar that it caused chaos in the kitchen, delaying the delivery of food to customers by as much as an hour, as staff tried in vain to keep up with orders.

The Orderella app is one of many that allow restaurant customers to order their meal using a smartphone. There is a big trend for such applications nowadays, with a number of restaurants now enabling customers to use them.

It has been reported that Orderella struck a deal with the Tower Bar and PayPal to offer £6 off when an order of more than £6 was made, and it was this that led to a large number of orders for just over the limit being made.

The immense popularity of the deal meant that the bar had to make changes, with customers now getting money off only their third order made using the mobile app.

Posted by Peter
March 29, 2015

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