The popularity of the private dining room

A new dining trend is taking place behind closed doors in many restaurants across Britain.

Although the trend for casual dining, where everyone gets together at communal tables to share plates of food, has been extremely popular for the last few years, it is set to be ousted by the emerging trend for private dining rooms.

Such spaces are increasingly being added to kitchens in Cheshire, London, and New York, enabling restaurant guests to enjoy a good meal away from prying eyes.

Restaurants that already have their own private dining rooms are reporting unprecedented demand for the secluded nooks, which has led to a number of eateries without them starting to create the spaces too.

This new kitchen trend comes on the back of another, where customers invite chefs into their home to cook a high-quality meal, allowing them to enjoy top-notch cuisine in private. This was a popular trend in 2014, but dining out in a private dining room also offers the advantage of not having to clean the house or do one’s own washing up, which is always a bonus.

Absolute privacy is the cornerstone of such an experience, which is why these spaces are being created to allow maximum privacy from guests and staff, who will only appear to take orders and bring food.

Celebrity chef Tom Kitchin recently commented on the fact that high-end customers now expect a private dining room for their meal, which is why he is one of the many managers who have added private rooms to their restaurants.

Posted by Peter
January 29, 2015
Emerging trends

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