Three modern oven innovations to make cooking simple

In the same way that the big-tape Walkman of the 1980s quickly transformed into the sleek iPod of the 2000s, oven technology is changing all the time. Whilst it’s easy to think that all ovens are created equal, spending a bit of extra time and money choosing the right one can be a wise investment.

This is particularly the case if you are someone that loves to get creative in the kitchen, or who wants to spend as little time in there as possible. To help, we’ve taken a look at some ground-breaking oven innovations that could transform the way you cook:

If you can’t stand the heat…

Ever wondered how places like Subway manage to get food so hot, so quickly? The answer lies in the technology powering their cookers, which can now be brought into the home.

By combining microwave and convection heating, these ovens can deliver hot food fast. How fast? How about a frozen pizza in ninety seconds, or a join of lamb in under four minutes? In fact, manufacturers claim that you can do an entire Christmas turkey in about 40 minutes, leaving plenty more time for charades after lunch.

Steaming hot

Combination ovens are not a new concept, but the idea of matching conventional dry heating with the ability to steam foods at the same time is a little more novel. Although it might seem like an extravagance, the combination quickly comes into its own for a variety of tasks.

If you’re a keen baker, you will be able to amaze friends with crusty, perfectly risen bread and moist, delicate sponges. Roasted meats can similarly be tender on the inside and beautifully browned on the outside, and even heating up leftovers becomes a new joy, helping them to retain both texture and flavour. The ovens don’t even need to be fitted to any mains, with many coming with refillable tanks, which mean that they can easily be installed in any kitchen.

Warm and dry

This is slightly more niche, but many ovens now come with dehydrate settings, as found in top restaurants all around the world. Vegetable and fruit chip garnishes are an essential accessory for chefs everywhere, and recreating this at home is almost impossible without specialised technology.

These units take the natural process of drying, often lasting days or weeks, and condense it into just a few hours. The precise temperatures needed to achieve this also mean that these ovens offer you complete control of the heat inside, meaning that they are ideal for baking almost any other product you might think of.

Posted by Peter
January 23, 2015

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