Top food trends of 2015 revealed

US-based food and restaurant consultant Baum+Whiteman has released a list of its predicted dining trends for the New Year, and it has certainly made a number of interesting predictions.

The list could prove useful to those that want to ensure that they visit only the trendiest restaurants next year, or that want to hire a custom kitchen designer in Cheshire to create a fashionable space. For such people, it is important to know what the latest dining trends are likely to be in 2015.

One of their biggest predictions for next year is the increased use of technology. Baum+Whiteman reported that using tablets to pay for meals and mobile phones to place orders ahead of time will become big trends in restaurants all over the world, leading to faster service and a more convenient dining experience.

The firm also predicts that dining will get a lot more casual, with even top chefs toning things down in the kitchen. This is a style that can easily be adapted at home, where those throwing dinner parties can relax and offer their guests a bang on trend casual dining experience.

One of the consultant’s more unusual predictions is that the 2014 trend for bacon will be replaced with a run on a spreadable pork dish known as ndjua. It also expects more unusual flavours, such as salt and fruit sodas, and savoury yogurts to be served at all a number of trendy eateries. Baum+Whiteman also predicted that locally produced drinks will become more popular.

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November 30, 2014
Emerging trends

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