Town Kitchen launches youth campaign

A new American scheme is aiming to entice young people into the kitchen for a brighter future.

Two of the biggest kitchen trends right now are setting up programmes to teach children and disadvantaged people how to cook, and using online fundraising campaigns to set up kitchens and cookery schemes.

However, a US company has now combined the two in an attempt to empower the young people of Oakland, California.

Oakland has its fair share of poverty problems. It is estimated that just under a third of children live in homes with at least one unemployed parents, and many young people have difficulty in finding jobs at all.

In order to address the problem, the founder of Town Kitchen, Sabrina Mutukisna, devised a project that would enable the young people of Oakland to use their drive and ambition to supply snacks to the East Bay business sector.

Tow Kitchen employs a number of youngsters from low-income backgrounds, enlisting them in preparing, packing, and delivering a variety of upscale lunches to firms in the area.

Speaking about the initiative, Mutukisna told news site Triple Pundit that Town Kitchen aimed to provide vegetarian, fish, and gluten-free options alongside meat meals.

Preparation of the food is overseen by Jefferson Sevilla, a chef who is also the co-owner of a popular pop-up restaurant in San Francisco.

The company is presently testing out its menus with a soft launch, but it plans to expand its current cooking space, so that it could rival luxury made kitchens, such as in Chester, and employ more people, if its Indiegogo campaign is successful.

Posted by Peter
December 26, 2014
Community kitchens

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