UK restaurants to see influx of ‘cute’ dishes

Kawaii cooking is one of the biggest trends set to sweep the kitchens of Chester and London.

This culinary style is inspired by the Japanese kawaii fashion, which celebrates all things cute. In fact, the word ‘kawaii’ actually means ‘cute’ in the Japanese language.

Although kawaii has traditionally been used to describe brands like Sanrio, which is famous for creating Hello Kitty, and fashion styles that see teenagers and adults dress up in brightly coloured clothing, the word is now being used to describe the trend for creating tiny dishes.

In order to create kawaii meals, fans of this style have created miniature cooking appliances too. Everything from tiny cookers to utensils, along with pots and pans, have been created to facilitate the creation of miniature dishes, including cupcakes, noodles and veggie platters.

Kawaii dishes are cooked over a candle or small flame, which means that, as well as being a culinary art form, they can also be created rather cheaply by anyone who wishes to do so.

Often, kawaii meals are made into the shapes of animals or popular anime cartoon characters, much like bento box meals, another Asian staple of the restaurant market, often are.

The craze for kawaii cooking, of course, started in Japan, but it is becoming increasingly popular the world over. This is largely thanks to YouTubers and kawaii cooking fans, who often post their tiny edible creations online. This means that we may see a big trend for extremely small kitchen appliances in the near future.

Posted by Peter
March 23, 2015
Emerging trends

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