Which kitchen style is best for you?

When it comes to designing a quality space in which to cook your meals, there are plenty of fashions out there for you to choose from.

However, with so many different styles, it can often be quite hard to narrow it down. While you could just go with something basic, you won’t want your luxury kitchen to simply blend into the crowd. Instead, you want the room to take on a flavour of its very own.

To help with this, we have compiled a quick list of some of the most fashionable kitchen styles at the moment for you to choose from:


Whether you actually hail from the countryside, want to deck out a cottage in traditional fixtures, or are trying to bring a bit of nature into your luxury kitchen, the farmhouse style may be best for you.

This type of kitchen can be filled with warm, homey colours that can create a relaxed setting for you and your family to cook and eat meals in. Large flagstones add to the essence of the room, while an authentic aga oven is a must to complete the package.


Keeping at the cutting-edge of technology and fashion can often go hand in hand, especially when it comes to kitchens. With sleek, stylish designs that use colour more to pop out at you than to cover, a modern cooking space will surely make you want to spend more time playing with its many gadgets.

Apart from clean-looking metals, plenty of spot lighting under the cabinets and a lot of hidden storage for your cooking utensils, this style of kitchen is also perfect for making a statement. Any guests visiting your home will know that when it comes to food, you know your business.


If you want to look to the future of kitchen design but still want a foot in the cosy past, a transitional design can provide you with the best of both worlds. With sleek cabinets and metallic devices, combined with exposed brickwork and mellow wood flooring, this style of kitchen design can easily tread the line between elegant and functional.

Simple decorations and details are best for this form of cooking space, as a little can really go a long way. While not as stripped back as a modern-styled kitchen, contemporary devices definitely do not look out of place, meaning that you can leave them out to wow guests when they come round.

Posted by Peter
February 22, 2015

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